Zonk Magazine Maiden Issue, November Issue, Finally Out
11/04/2020 23:25 in Zonk Magazine

Zonk Media company released its maiden magazine issue today. The long-awaited Zonk Magazine is now out for ingenious readers to enjoy and digest. The magazine brings together a mix of features highlighting the lives of businesspeople, personalities and ordinary people who do extraordinary things across the continent. 

The publication aims at bringing the original stories of Africa and its people to life. Zonk Magazine is designed specifically for the love of Africa and seeks to empower readers to enjoy their lives at home and work, inform and engage them. The magazine’s mission is to spur its readers, to democratize trends and to offer concrete solutions.

The magazine also comes as a complement to affiliate media outlets of Zonk RadioZonk News, Zonk Music and Zonk TV. Zonk is a notable media house recognized for celebrating Africa and bringing Africa closer to an international audience. The company’s mission is to offer a platform and services that stand out for their quality, creativity, originality and relevance while optimizing the investments of partners and advertisers.

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