About Zonk Radio

Zonk Radio is an online radio station whose mission is to Empower, Educate and Uplift Africa.


The radio brings various shows about business, current affairs, entertainment, lifestyle, as well as live interviews, talk shows and band performances. Zonk Radio offers a variety of programming on a wide range of topics to help you in all aspects of life. Topics range from leadership, entrepreneurship, personal and professional development, nonprofits, and many other issues that are relevant to our African audience.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a genuine alternative to the world of radio, reaching people from all over the continent with positive, empowering and uplifting content.


Zonk Radio is committed to providing listeners with the best value addition through high-quality talk shows, edutainment and music programs. We strive to position our listeners in the centre of all of our programs, providing a stable and personal approach. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the community of millions of people who are looking for something different from the mainstream media. We use the internet as our delivery channel, so we are not limited to a geographic region or country.



Zonk Radio is specially designed to reach active consumers directly at their workplace – a unique advertising advantage. We deliver hit music and keep our audience in the know about what’s happening in Africa, and their communities. Our audience enjoys live shows presented by our entertaining hosts, plus local news, sports and entertainment. 

If you would like to support the work of this dedicated station, please speak with Alice to send a contribution: 011346547, info@zonkradio.com.

We hope you enjoy.